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1977 Jaguar XJC 5.3

Call for price

Body Convertible
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Green
Interior Color Red
Upholstery Leather
Steering Rhd
1977 Jaguar XJ-C 5.3
43.350 miles only
Purchased from 1st owner & known since

We purchased the amazing XJ-C 5.3 from the original owner in 2012 at which point she had covered only 39.000

Now having sold her 3 times in the interim her mileage is still only 43.350 since new (4 keepers since new only)

A very impressive history folder covers her life including the original Forward Trust invoice, Jaguar Service voucher booklet, instruction manual and a raft of invoices and correspondence from the original owner and Jaguar themselves

The second owner decided, as he often did, to fit an upgraded but sympathetic stereo, making use of the serene and quiet ambience of the interior to give Royal Albert Hall quality sound quality whilst on the move

He also had the complete interior retrimmed to Rolls-Royce standard, with soft Connolly leather everywhere, including headlining, centre console, as well door cards & seats (both front and rear covers)

Carpeting was from Wilton, all bound in dark green leather, including the boot area and all finished off with matching seat belts all round

In all he spent £14.000 on these upgrades (remember this was over 10 years ago - probably £ 30.000 in todays money) and covered only 1.500 miles during his ownership

She was as pin sharp when he part exchanged her as when he took delivery and is possibly the best in existence - certainly the best we have ever had

The most recent keeper, a French man with a penchance for British cars, kept her at his home in Belgium and when we discussed having her back with us again, decided not to use a transporter for the journey, but not withstanding his busy schedule, he drove her back home - he just wanted to say goodbye during that journey

As he says, she is amazingly quiet, refined and fast too

Indeed she remains in almost perfect condition and sits on the motorway at 70mph, or substantially more, in serene comfort, running true and straight with not a whisper of wind noise - almost unheard of with these Coupes, even when new

This example is most unusual in that she has never needed a restoration - the only paintwork on this special car is from when she was new. All panel gaps and rubbers are as factory and the original owners desire to have Zeibart treatment to the inner wings, bonnet, boot and doors has been ratified for there is no rust anywhere, and never has been

She comes also with a top specification as well, internally adjustable door mirrors (very pretty design too), GKN allow wheels (new tyres too), stainless steel exhaust, chrome strip to both sides & bonnet too (very rare) and of course a leaping Jaguar mascot

A very striking looking version, of what is one of the prettiest shapes of any period in the Classic Car World

Below is the description from when we originally bought her from the first owner

A wonderful and most original example of a very under rated motor car

Finished in Fern Grey (I know it's actually green) with Olive hide interior she has the benefit of GKN alloy wheels shod with new VR rated Avon tyres, chrome waist rail strip, chrome bonnet strip with Jaguar leaping mascot and internally adjustable driver and passenger door mirrors

5.3 litres of V12 purring out over 272 Bhp and ooodles of torque - good for well nigh 150Mph and smooth as silk too

This is one of the later GM400 gearbox examples (Only 450 of these produced) and so they at last had a gearbox which perfectly suited the smoothness of the engine (earlier cars had a BorgWarner box)

There is a raft of paperwork from the time of the original purchase - both with the supplying dealer and also with Leyland Cars' Managing Director

There were a few issues, as was often the case with Leyland products at this time

Remember in those far off days, the Unions were so belligerent that they would call "All Out" even if the loos had run out of paper........

Nevertheless it is also clear that the original owner was, and still is a perfectionist

Fortunate really because this has led to the car being maintained in such outstanding condition

She was waxoil injected from new in every panel so there is none of the usual rust and she was always serviced by the original supplying dealer

Kept in secure storage for a number of years, he ensured she was on axle stands so that he could jump in, start her and run her through the gears to ensure all was well

He also ran the windows up and down etc so everything which should work still does - incredible really

We have given her a major service and there is also a stainless exhaust system, which of course, should last forever

All of the window rubbers are like new so there is very little wind noise (unusual on these) and the seats have been regularly cleaned and given a good hide food so are still nice and supple

I shall be using her shortly for a week or three to settle her in and also for a little bit of self indulgence too

Well there you have it - an absolute crackerjack
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