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1967 Daimler 250-V8

€ 42500

Body Sedan
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 2.5L V8
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Blue metallic
Interior Color Blue
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd
This beautiful 1967 Daimler 250 V8 has been in the Netherlands since 1975. This more luxurious version of the Jaguar MK2 is equipped with a 2.5 liter V8 engine, which is also the biggest difference compared to its six-cylinder half-brother. Despite its 8 cylinders, the engine is no less than 50 kg lighter, and that is noticeable in the nose of the car in terms of steering. The performance is at an excellent level for that time, but the main focus was on comfort and a smooth running of the engine, and not so much on high power. The V8 runs really beautifully and it is therefore a pleasure to drive the chic Englishman. The automatic gearbox fits perfectly into this concept.

The interior clearly shows how the English thought about luxury and finishing touch at the time. Lush chrome, superbly finished walnut wood moldings and panels and the best leather: for both driver and passengers an enjoyment at its best.

Exclusivity can also be ticked off, because compared to the Mk 2, of which a total of almost 84.000 were made, only 35.04 pieces of this Daimler were produced.

This Daimler 250 V8 was literally restored to the last bolt and nut a few years ago. With an eye for detail and originality, everything is done very well. It is clear that a car like this is difficult to restore and that it takes many, many hours to achieve this result. It must therefore have been a very expensive restoration, in which it was not possible to look at the real market value, because the costs must have considerably exceeded this value. But the fact that they acted in this way has ultimately been a great advantage for the future owner, because the quality is still visable from all angles.

After restoration, the car ended up in a collection where it was meticulously maintained and everything was even noted after ride. It goes without saying that invoices, original instruction booklet, service manual, photos of the restoration, and everything that is important with a car like this, is present.