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1982 Lancia Gamma 2500 ie

Body Coupe
Odometer 66913
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 2824 cc
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Silver metallic
Interior Color Blue
Upholstery Cloth
Steering Lhd
VIN ZLA830AC400001719
The Lancia Gamma Coupe has always had a place of honor in our list of the most beautiful designs. It’s hard to explain why, you just fall in love for a certain design. And please take a look at the wonderful styling, which give the not really small car a slender appearance. A great achievement from design house Pininfarina. Also special is that there is no other car that resembles it. And that is worth a big compliment, because Lancia fortunately dared to be unique. Both in terms of design and technology. A very smooth 4-cylinder boxer engine of 2.5 liters that delivers 165 hp was of course very special. The engine runs fine and the 5 speed shifts very smoothly.

This car comes from Italy and stayed there until it was registered in the Netherlands in 2015. The advantage of an Italian history is of course the dry climate, and the Lancia clearly shows that. Neatly paint, a good interior and a sublime bottom and suspension. We have no doubt that the 66.913 kilometers the odometer is showing must be the original. No rust to be seen and no traces of previous repairs. Just a super honest car that deserves to be put back on the road, because that has hardly happened in the last few years. That is why there was also a little technical work on the car. For example, we replaced the exhaust system, overhauled the brake calipers and performed a maintenance service and MOT.

Truly a great Lancia Gamma 2500 IE Coupe and a great opportunity to become the owner of the last real Lancia.